• January Full Moon Sound Ceremony
    Thu, 20 Jan
    Market Harborough
    20 Jan, 19:00 – 21:00
    Market Harborough, Farndon Grange, Marston Ln, Market Harborough LE16 9SL, UK
  • February New Moon Sound Ceremony
    Tue, 01 Feb
    Market Harborough
    01 Feb, 18:30 – 20:30
    Market Harborough, Farndon Grange, Marston Ln, Market Harborough LE16 9SL, UK
  • February Full Moon Sound Ceremony
    Thu, 10 Feb
    Samyama Yoga
    10 Feb, 18:30
    Samyama Yoga, Farndon Grange, Marston Ln, Market Harborough LE16 9SL, UK


Lulu, today was one of the

most uplifting days of my life

- Katie

That day was genuinely life affirming for both of us! I'm not sure

you'll ever realise what an impact you had and we're so grateful

- Andy and Claire

I'm struggling to articulate

just how amazing it was, and I

write for a living!

- Nikki

Time for you to retreat, slow down and breathe.


These special days are a beautifully curated journey guiding you back to yourself: your balanced, peaceful, positive, inspired, self-loving self.


Through yoga, guided meditation, breathing techniques and intention setting, we acquire tools to master any negativity in our lives, and reconnect with our true selves and our true life-path. Through sharing, time in nature and sound therapy, our mind, body and soul are realigned and harmonised, leaving us feeling balanced, nourished and equipped with a brand new uplifted energy to face our lives with a fresh perspective.


There are no expectations of you on this day. Our gentle yoga requires no prior yoga experience but will get your body open and feeling good. You are free and encouraged to be exactly as you are on this day: no trying, no forcing. You have the space to go completely inward: in class, in the studio, in the beautiful surrounding gardens. Equally, the opportunity to find beautiful connections with other beautiful humans is almost inevitable. 


These days are lovingly held in the beautiful studio and grounds of Samyama Yoga in Market Harborough. Through Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, Yin Yoga, Sound Healing, Sharing Circle, Time in Nature and more, these healing journies reignite the inner healer in you and lovingly guide you back to your best self.


Gongs are ancient, powerful instruments of immensely beautiful, grounding sounds and vibrations, working on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, clearing any blockages and releasing any negativity.


These are special, magical evenings. Beginning with some guided meditation, breathing techniques and a few stretches to open up our body and release any tension. You are then invited to settle into your space with warm blankets and soft cushions, to then be immersed through the healing journey of outer-worldly sounds and vibrations, flowing through your body, resetting your mind and completely soothing your entire being. A cleansing of sacred sage and the harmonic sounds of the angelic chimes gently bring you back into your body, feeling fully harmonised, restored and balanced.


Come in your cosiest clothes, with your cushion and blanket, and get snuggled in!

Your body will feel the sound - you won't have to listen

- Donna

Lying back and letting the healing sound of the gong wash over your whole body is like nothing I have ever experienced before

- Helen

Not only is it deeply relaxing but I left with a completely clear head

- Lisa





At Samyama we hold various creative, fun, special events and workshops of all kinds.

Stay tuned for all upcoming events and if you'd like to hold a workshop at Samyama, please get in touch!